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I invite you to view the education of two equine students "Rose" and "Slash" in the following on-line uncut reality videos. I have purposely selected two different genders, each with their own personalities, and each with their own different mental and physical abilities, so that you as a viewer will understand how each step by step method connects to the next to develop understanding and willing partnerships.

Follow each horse's progress throughout the "Foundation", "Intercommunication" and "Evolution" programs of the "True Grit" Equine Education of Kozak Horsemanship.




  • I attended several of his clinics and learned a lot! To read about Russ Krachun and his Kozak Horsemanship and to watch his videos is wonderful, but to see him in perform in person, or go to his farm and watch him in action training with his horses is unbelievable! He definitely has a “gift” with horses!
    Gina MooreVirginia, USA
  • Russ was a very knowledgeable and informative clinician at our recent event. He was very pleasant to work with and quite adaptable to our event. He would be an excellent choice if you would like to have an expert to work with and he is truly interested in being able to communicate effectively with the people involved.
    Mike GerrishHoosier Horse Fair & Expo, Indiana, USA
  • I have never met or worked with anyone with such determination, dedication and passion for everything he does! Russ is determined to bring new and improved ideas in horsemanship to the world. I believe that he WILL transform how we will all communicate with the horse and with each other. He is truly an inspiration to all who meet him!
    Darlene GreenawayOntario, Canada
  • Working with Russ is a truly enjoyable experience!   I would recommend Russ to anyone who wants to understand horses, learn to ride, or develop a deeper connection with their horse.
    Christie-Lee HazzardOntario, Canada
  • Being able to learn and work with Russ is a true gift!   I am so happy to have the opportunity to learn from Russ who gives his 100% effort and energy into helping you to understand and build a safe relationship with your horse.
    Breanne GibsonOntario, Canada

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  • Great! What I needed, I learned a lot of useful information!

    Sheryl DowneyOntario, Canada
  • Fantastic clinic- learned lots- really great instruction.

    Karen MurduckOntario, Canada
  • Very impressed, very thorough, just amazing!

    Catherine TremblayOntario, Canada
  • I love the “No Aggression”!

    Starlee CarewOntario, Canada
  • I love your methods!

    Jamie BreedonOntario, Canada
  • Incredible horsemanship! Beautiful to watch!

    Hannah PrattOntario, Canada
  • Very knowledgeable. Love your training techniques! I want to try using them.

    Suzan PooleOntario, Canada
  • I thought you were amazing yesterday!!

    Andrea Meldrum Alberta, Canada
  • I really enjoyed your sessions! Great Work!!

    Jeanne LefebureAlberta, Canada
  • Original and new techniques are always great to see.

    Kaley MartinOntario, Canada
  • I really appreciate your approach to horsemanship!

    Jasmine VerbeckOntario, Canada
  • Very impressed with your horsemanship skills!

    Keith CombsAlberta, Canada
  • My kind of theory! Great methodology and great results.

    Janice FergusonOntario, Canada
  • Excellent!! Hopefully many listeners will become learners.

    Bill GravelyOntario, Canada
  • Have loved hearing you the last two days.

    Trish CrewOntario, Canada
  • Explains very well – Visual!

    Yvonne Taylor Ontario, Canada
  • I like the harmony!

    Val TaylorOntario, Canada
  • Enjoyed!! Very clear & concise direction.

    Christine LaFreniereOntario, Canada

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