Equine Education – Intercommunication Program

Equine Education

“Intercommunication” Program – 3 Month

The Intercommunication equine educational program is offered following the foundation program. The meaning of “Intercommunication” is the action of engaging in two-way communication. Two-way communication is developed and explained to the horse through Russ Krachun’s philosophy and various methodologies first from the ground in the halter and the bridle and is then transferred to the horse under saddle. The horse learns to respond through methodologies using timing, repetition and periods of relaxation in order to become soft and supple.  Muscle memory is also developed in the horse and is transferred into understanding and willing responses.  This is the same philosophy and methodology used to develop an athlete. Step by step methodology develops balance and coordination in order to improve physical abilities with physical and mental confidence.  The horse is also educated and prepared both physically and mentally when in various situations and environments. The “Intercommunication” program prepares the horse to advance the level of athleticism with improved performance and understanding.

The “Intercommunication” program includes the following educational levels for both horse and owner:

“Bridle Work Methodology”

Unconventional bridle ground work methodology prepares and educates the horse how to communicate with the horseman through the reins.  Bridle work methodology begins from the ground and is transferred into the riding methodology. This methodology educates clear understanding without causing confusion for either the horse or the horseman. The horse will become better prepared both physically and mentally and is educated how to use the poll, neck, shoulders, rib cage and hindquarters. Each step by step method builds understanding and muscle memory through the use of proper timing and repetition.  The result is a responsive educated horse.

“Muscle Memory and Flexibility in the Neck and Poll, Rib Cage and Hindquarters”

Russ Krachun educates his philosophy and unconventional methodology in developing flexibility and suppleness in the horse neck and poll, rib cage and the hindquarters. This methodology is based on the same principals and education used for any athlete. You will learn that flexibility and suppleness is developed by following step by step methods that are designed to connect to one another through repetitions, using forward motions at various speeds. This methodology enables the neck muscle to stretch and develop muscle memory. Developing muscle memory is very important in any athlete by supporting both their physical and mental education and also allows the athlete to perform to the best of their abilities.

“Foundation Guiding Methodology”

Russ Krachun educates his signature unconventional foundation guiding methods.  Step by Step Foundation Guiding Methodologies support and connect to each other in order to develop the horses balance, and coordination on both the left and right sides of the body.  The horse learns to guide at various speeds at the walk, trot and lope with balance and coordination. Muscle memory is also developed and improves the mental mindset of both horse and rider.  This methodology involves education of how the use of proper timing and repetition results in improved communication, understanding and improved physical abilities for both the horse and the rider under saddle.

“Confidence on the Trail”

Philosophy and methodology is educated to develop a confident horse and rider while on the trail. Russ believes this education is one of the most important teachings for the horseman and the most important preparation for the horses mind. He also believes that nature provides the best environment to develop a solid confident mind in both the horse and the rider. This methodology connects to one another and is designed for both the horse and the rider in order to control their fear, anxiety and emotions in order to develop confidence while riding on the trail, when alone, when riding in groups, or when riding away from the barn or to the barn. Education of how to confidently ride and travel at different speeds and how to control fear and anxiety when in various outdoor environments such as weather conditions, water crossings, hills, or when approached by flying or running animals, is essential in developing confidence on the trail.

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