Exclusive custom made Kozak tack collection

My custom hand crafted tack collection is produced exclusively for me by professional craftsmen. I have personally designed each piece of my custom tack to effectively connect directly to my “Kozak Horsemanship” program. It is not only important to me to sell quality products and equipment that are safe and comfortable for both you and your horse, but that these tools and equipment contribute to help bring you success in your communication enabling you to reach your goals. The materials in my custom tack collection are of premium quality and are designed to last and stand the test of time. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding my custom tack collection.

Russ Krachun

Saddle Pad

Saddle Pad

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    Kozak Horsemanship Signature Western Saddle Pad

    • Strategically placed cut out holes are placed along the spine of the pad allowing for air ventilation
    • Concave design allows for proper fit of the horse back
    • Cut back at the withers to allow for closer contact and a custom fit without bunching
    • Cut back at back of saddle pad to allow for a tailored fit
    • Cut and designed for a close leg contact with the horse
    • Engineered to allow the saddle pad to move with the movement of the horse to avoid rubbing
    • Leather is stitched underneath the pad at the spine to allow for a smooth comfortable finish
    • Suede is stitched on top of the pad to prevent shifting of the pad under the saddle
    • Please indicate you choice of 1 inch or ½ inch thick premium 100% Wool Felt
    • Please choose color of Suede (Rust, Light Chestnut or Dark Brown Suede)
    • Standard size is 30 inches long
    • Custom sizes available – Please contact for more information