About Russ

Growing up in the country of Ukraine, Russ experienced his first smell and touch of the horse as a young boy at his Uncle’s farm.  His summers were spent with his Uncle, caring for the horses and learning of his ancestors “the Cossacks” how they rode their horses in battle with their swords.  These stories influenced him to later become involved in the sport of sabre fencing as a teen.  Under the guidance of professional coaches for nine years, Russ developed strong mental and physical abilities to become a professional athlete and was rewarded for his dedication and talent by becoming the reserve champion of the country of Ukraine.

As an adult, Russ followed his dreams and immigrated to Canada with his young family where he pursued his true passion to become a horseman and nurture his natural ability to communicate and educate the horse.   He studied many influential horsemen in the equine industry paying particular attention to how the horse was educated, how the horse responded, and how the horse performed as an athlete.

It later became his life’s mission to develop his own equine educational horsemanship program.  The “True Grit” Academy was established.  A complete equine educational program where horse enthusiasts can learn how to educate the horse, through lessons that educate the horse mind and also condition the horse body to perform willingly, confidently and that will also improve both the horse and the horseman’s physical performances.  Russ shares his theory, common sense philosophy, and step by step methodology in step by step lessons that are designed to connect and lead to the next lesson.  Sport physiology is also a key ingredient of the program where timing, repetition and increasing the timing are used to develop muscle memory, resulting with improved performances.

Many have said that Russ Krachun has discovered the missing link in equine education, and in how to developing a willing and understanding partnership with the horse.

Russ Krachun has brought new ideas to the world in regards to equine education and has helped many horse enthusiasts to improve their horsemanship knowledge and to reach their own personal horsemanship goals.  Russ’ common sense philosophy and innovative methodology has built him success and recognition world-wide throughout his many clinics, seminars, on-line equine education, True Grit Academy, and public appearances.