Kozak Horsemanship Signature Western Saddle Pad

Kozak Horsemanship Signature Western Saddle Pad

  • Strategically placed cut out holes are placed along the spine of the pad allowing for air ventilation
  • Concave design allows for proper fit of the horse back
  • Cut back at the withers to allow for closer contact and a custom fit without bunching
  • Cut back at back of saddle pad to allow for a tailored fit
  • Cut and designed for a close leg contact with the horse
  • Engineered to allow the saddle pad to move with the movement of the horse to avoid rubbing
  • Leather is stitched underneath the pad at the spine to allow for a smooth comfortable finish
  • Suede is stitched on top of the pad to prevent shifting of the pad under the saddle
  • Please indicate you choice of 1 inch or ½ inch thick premium 100% Wool Felt
  • Please choose color of Suede (Rust, Light Chestnut or Dark Brown Suede)
  • Standard size is 30 inches long
  • Custom sizes available – Please contact for more information

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Weight 3.958 kg
Dimensions 77 × 85 × 3 cm