Ron DesJardine

Ron DesJardine

“True Grit” Member – Spectator
Owner of Paso Finos


Foundation Program:

  • Level One – Discover Horsemanship Philosophy & Methodology in the Round Pen
  • Level Two – In Hand Communication (learning)

About Ron:

Ron DesJardine is an amazing “True Grit” equine educational member with a big heart and supporting and caring personality.  He supports the entire team of “True Grit” equine educational tour and also supports his wife Nancy DesJardine who is also a member and a participant of the “True Grit” equine educational tour.  Ron is involved 100% by also learning the educational programs of each tour.  He is also involved in all of the conversations, demonstrations, physical practices and summaries of each tour.  He is well respected by all of the “True Grit” team members and he is a big part of the “True Grit” equine educational member team.

As Russ Krachun, a horseman, and the educator; I am very proud to share my Kozak Horsemanship philosophy and methodology with Ron and I enjoy having him as a spectator and as a member of the “True Grit” equine educational tour.

  • For me, it is so hard to wrap my head around what Russ Krachun is teaching to all of us, I have to turn my mind off, as the information that is shared is 180 degrees in the opposite direction of what horsemanship philosophy and methodology is being taught in the equine industry today and also from what has been educated to us for so long.  Every “True Grit” equine educational tour is so interesting and so surprising for me.

    Ron DesJardine