Foundation Program – Level 1 | Discover Horsemanship Philosophy & Methodology in the Round Pen (Lesson On-Line)

Foundation Program – Level 1 | Discover Horsemanship Philosophy & Methodology in the Round Pen (Lesson On-Line)

Lesson Philosophy:

Russ shares his innovative original step by step methods of working in the round pen and guides you throughout each step using philosophy from his own life experiences. This foundation education has become essential in reaching goals and solving problems with your horse without the use of harsh tools and unnecessary aggression.

Develop mutual understanding and an undeniable partnership with your horse.

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Lesson Methodology:

Step by step theory video lessons that will help you to learn the philosophy behind each step and also understand the goals of each lesson presented.
(18 videos with over 8 hours of informational content)

Step by step reality video lessons with full explanations of each step as Russ Krachun works with a horse during its normal day of training, sharing the goals of each step and how to overcome obstacles.
(54 videos with over 30 hours of instructional content)

Lesson Outcome:

  • Learn 15 steps of round pen methodology designed to support, connect and lead you to the next step in order to advance the mental and physical abilities of both horse & human
  • Learn new innovative methodology that horses learn how to respond willingly and understandingly
  • Develop two way communication by using voice, body language and energy
  • Develop co-ordination, balance and advance physical abilities in horse & human
  • Develop patience, confidence, controlled emotions and solid minds in horse & human
  • Learn to become consistent in the application of the methods
  • Learn timing, repetition and how to increase timing of methods to advance physical performance
  • Develop consistent responses and the consistency in movements
  • Develop a lasting foundation that will transfer to positive future performances both on the ground and under saddle

“My goal is to build a willing and trusting partnership with the horse that will last over time.”