Kendra Batek

Kendra Batek

“True Grit” Member – Participant
Owner of an Arabian


Foundation Program:

  • Level One – Discover Horsemanship Philosophy & Methodology in the Round Pen
  • Level Two – In Hand Communication (learning)

About Kendra:

Kendra Batek has an amazing personality with strong physical abilities and has a big desire for understanding and learning how to effectively communicate with horses.   Kendra is developing her horsemanship skills each day with the education she is learning with Kozak Horsemanship philosophy and methodology.  She is developing better communication with her horses and is becoming a very knowledgeable horse woman.  Kendra has a very unique softness in her horsemanship skills and is also very consistent with her ques and uses excellent timing in each method.  Kendra’s dedication, hard work and belief in the program is rewarded with the amazing results that she is achieving with her horse,  while in the “True Grit” equine educational tour.  She deeply believes that developing a two way communication between both of the horse and the human will create a partnership for mutual understanding and success.

As Russ Krachun, a horseman, and the educator; I am very proud to share my Kozak Horsemanship philosophy and methodology with Kendra and I enjoy having her as a participant and a member of the “True Grit” equine educational tour.

  • The “True Grit” equine educational tour makes sense to both me and my horse; it is because of the program design of the Foundation, Intercommunication and the Evolution programs.  Each program connects to each other using Kozak Horsemanship philosophy and methodology.  As a participant in the “True Grit” equine educational program, I am thrilled that we finally have a horseman of Russ’ calibre to educate us over a realistic period of time providing education, hands on support and follow up.  Russ is a brilliant horseman and a competent and passionate teacher.  He has created a very solid team of enthusiastic learners by fostering a fun and supportive learning environment.  I am very pleased with the program and know that I will be a more capable and knowledgeable horsewoman upon its completion.

    Kendra Batek