Julie Ann Levesque

Julie Ann Levesque

“True Grit” Member – Participant
Owner of a Quarter Horse


Foundation Program:

  • Level One – Discover Horsemanship Philosophy & Methodology in the Round Pen (graduated)
  • Level Two – In Hand Communication (learning)

About Julie Ann:

Julie Ann is a very passionate and smart horse woman who demonstrates her dedication and her hard work as a “True Grit” participant member.

Julie Ann has a natural gift with her amazing personality by using her energy and the softness in her eyes, hands, voice and in her body language while she is communicating and educating the horse.

She uses her natural abilities with her softness combined with her equine education of the deliberate use of proper timing and consistency to understand the horse mental and physical abilities.   Each method she uses is intended to bring knowledge and education to the horse.

Julie Ann improves day after day in her horsemanship skills by demonstrating her dedication and her commitment to learn Kozak Horsemanship equine education philosophy and methodology.

As Russ Krachun, a horseman, and the educator; I am very proud to share my Kozak Horsemanship philosophy and methodology with Julie Ann and have her as a participant and a member of the “True Grit” equine educational tour.

  • I want my horse to understand me, and believe in me as a partner and as a friend. I believe in the principals and the methods that Russ Krachun has created for both the horse and the human.  It is a very sensible and gentle approach to training and learning.

    Julie Ann Levesque