Intercommunication Program

Intercommunication Program
December 4, 2017 Russ Krachun

Intercommunication Program

Intercommunication bridle methodology on the ground begins after the foundation program has been completed.

As a horseman or a teacher, If we were to begin by educating our horses right away in a bridle, or in a halter, or a bosal or even in a hackamore right away while in the saddle it would be much harder for the horse to learn and to understand the horseman’s methodology through the horseman’s hands, legs or even with his voice commands.  From my experience as a student in the professional sport of sabre fencing, I have realized that we need to develop foundation methods and understand the philosophy and methodology of the education to become an athlete in order to achieve the final results in performance manoeuvers.   Today as a horseman, I used this same understanding when I developed my Kozak Horsemanship philosophy and methodology, It is no different when educating the horse or when educating horsemen with horsemanship.

We have to begin by first educating the horse to learn foundation methods while on the ground in the halter and the bridle.

This is important so that the horse will learn the horseman methods in how to become soft or to travel forward, or to learn how to move their shoulders, or move their hind quarters.  It is also important when developing softness in the rib cage and how to stop, or to turn, or to guide properly and also to back up.   I will guarantee to you that in 80% of horsemanship methods and education that these can be accomplished on the ground first by using intercommunication bridle work methodology.  It is after this intercommunication bridle work methodology has been accomplished that that you will be able to transfer these methods to your advanced riding methodology and that your education will become much easier for the horse to understand.  Along with this understanding between you and your horse you will find that your future riding methodology will be accomplished without fighting and without frustrations and that your horse will have improved physical and mental abilities.

“My goal is to develop a willing and trusting partnership with the horse that will last over time. ”

Russ Krachun