Evolution Program

Evolution Program
December 4, 2017 Russ Krachun

Evolution Program

The Evolution program follows the foundation and intercommunication programs and will lead you to more advanced horsemanship education for both the horse and the horseman.

After achieving the results of the foundation and the intercommunication educational programs you will find that it will be much easier to educate both the horse and the horseman with this advanced horsemanship methodology.

The horse has already learned the methodology used in the round pen and has developed confidence in his emotions with fear and has developed confidence while in different life situations, such as with different objects, obstacles, loud sounds and has developed understanding with our communication methodology.  The horse has also learned lessons in the advanced lunging methodology; and developed coordination and balance and confident while traveling in different speeds in both the round pen and while lunging.


The horse has also learned round pen riding methodology, and developed confidence while riding on the trail and is now able to control fear and his emotions while in groups with other horses.

The horse has learned intercommunication bridle methodology.  Throughout both the previous programs, the horseman has learned the methodology of the foundation program and has developed an understanding communication with the horse on the ground and well as with the methods of the intercommunication program.

“Both the horse and the horseman have become solid and strong in both their physical and emotion abilities.  It is now time for the horse and the horseman to learn the evolution education program and understand how this methodology will contribute in developing advanced horsemanship between each other. ”

Russ Krachun