Western States Horse Expo

Western States Horse Expo

Russ Krachun shares his fifteen signature steps and methods of working in the round pen in a seminar with explanations of the goals and benefits in each step and how they will transfer to our in-hand communication and our communication under saddle.

Foundation Guiding Methodology

Russ Krachun shares his philosophy and methods in educating the horse to travel balanced and coordinated in both sides of the horse body while travelling forward, when changing directions and also in various speeds and gaits. Learn how the methods develop muscle memory, improve the mental mindset of both the horse and the rider, improve communication, and develop physical abilities for both the horse and the rider under saddle.

Philosophy of Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship

Russ Krachun shares his philosophy, explains his horsemanship ideas and his step by step methodologies of how to improve performance and also develop a willing and understanding relationship with the horse.

November 8-10/2019, Clinic Topics:

Foundation Guiding Methodology

Methods to develop balance and coordination on both the left and right sides of the horse body and educate the horse to guide at various speeds, at the walk, trot and lope.  These methods also improve the mental mindset of both horse and rider by developing communication and improve performance.

Confidence, Trust & Solid Minds

Step by step methods of how to develop confidence and trust with a solid confident mind in various situations and environments.

Developing Muscle Memory to Improve the Horse’s Performance

Learn step by step methods that connect to one another, using timing, repetition and periods of relaxation to develop muscle memory.  Explanations of how muscle memory support the physical and mental education and prepares the horse to perform to the best of their abilities.


Nov 08 - 10 2019


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Western States Horse Expo – Fairplex
Pomona California USA