Round Pen Riding Methodology | Foundation Program – Level 4

Round Pen Riding Methodology | Foundation Program – Level 4

Russ Krachun demonstrates and shares his philosophy of educating a young horse under saddle.

Russ’ methodology includes step by step methods of how to develop muscle memory of the neck, poll, shoulder, rib cage and hindquarters and prepares the horse both mentally and physically to perform basic manoeuvers under saddle such as travelling in a straight line, turn inside, turn outside, and the stop.

Round Pen Riding Methodology improves both the horse and the rider confidence and in traveling safely at the walk, the trot and the lope.

Round Pen Riding Methodology improves physical abilities by developing balance and coordination.

Round Pen Riding Methodology aids in the development of the understanding and communication between the horse and the rider under saddle.

Round Pen Riding Methodology prepares both the horse and rider with the confidence and knowledge to safely and confidently ride in larger open areas.

About the “True Grit Academy” Foundation program:

The “True Grit” Academy “Foundation” program includes four levels of equine education. Each level includes philosophy and methodology that is designed to connect to each level and advance both the horse and the horseman to the next level. The “Round Pen Riding Methodology” is the 4 th level of the “Foundation” program. This level is designed to further develop confidence and improve physical
abilities of balance and coordination under saddle.


All learning and education is at the level of the receiver. It is important to know that it takes time to develop coordination and muscle skills, and it is also very important to practice and work with your horse regularly in order for you to succeed. Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship is not responsible for the final results that you and your horse reach during or after the clinic. Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship reserves all rights in the methodology explained and presented.


Nov 07 2020


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