Lead Coordination & Balance at Various Speeds

Lead Coordination & Balance at Various Speeds

Educational Clinic from “True Grit Academy” Evolution program

Pre-Registration is required for both participants & spectators please.

Russ Krachun shares his philosophy and unconventional methodology in how to develop balance and improve the coordination in the left and right leads of the horse body. You will learn and understand the methods to develop a willing and understanding response when asking the horse to travel on the correct lead. These methods and exercises also assist the rider to become better coordinated, balanced, and become more consistent with their cues, resulting in improved physical abilities and improved riding abilities.

Participant Requirements: Participant should be confident under saddle at walk, trot and lope.

Horse Requirements: A confident horse under saddle at a walk, trot and lope that also has basic understanding of moving five body parts (neck & poll, shoulders, rib cage & hindquarters) and is also safe around other horses and participants.


Oct 20 2019


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Kozak Horsemanship
906 Moneymore Rd., Roslin ON, K0K2Y0