Welcome to Kozak Horsemanship! I am Russ Krachun and I am very happy to tell you about my next scheduled clinic. This clinic is called “Discover Philosophy and Methodology in the Round Pen” and is also the foundation of my Kozak Horsemanship.

You may have already learned how important the round pen is as a tool when you are working with your horses. I will explain the difference of developing a human to horse join up and help you to understand how this method develops a safer and more trusting relationship instead of the traditional horse to human join up and I will also share with you many other methods of working with your horse in the round pen.

Have you dreamed of having that special relationship with your horse? Are you confident around your horse or is your horse confident around you? Does your horse respond to your voice or body language? Would you like to solve issues or problems with your horse?

All of these questions can be solved inside the round pen. Russ Krachun has discovered the missing link of working with horses in the round pen. He will demonstrate with a horse that has not been started and you will learn how his philosophy and methodology develop a two way communication that both the horse and the human can safely and effectively understand without causing unnecessary stress and aggression. You will view the transformation of the horse as he completes each steps and notice the softness and willingness develop as the horse learns to communicate and understand what we are asking of him. You will learn how to reach goals and understand that many problems or issues can also be solved by working in the round pen.

You will realize that a two way communication is possible between the horse and the human.

Over two days of demonstration you will learn how each step in Russ Krachun s foundation of Kozak Horsemanship connects to the next one and ultimately builds a two way communication and a relationship with your horse. You will learn the following steps:

  1. Teach your horse to go forward consistently in left and right direction
  2. Extended touch with lariat in left and right direction
  3. Teach your horse to stop and face you from the left and right direction
  4. Teach your horse to turn inside from the left and right direction
  5. Teach your horse to turn outside from the left and right direction
  6. Teach your horse to turn inside and outside together
  7. Speed control & control fear at different speeds in left and right direction
  8. First physical touch with hands on both sides up to the withers
  9. Build confidence with lariat on both sides up to the withers
  10. First pressure from the left and right direction
  11. Build confidence to the hind end with lariat from the left and right direction
  12. First pressure to hind end from left and right direction
  13. Whole body confidence and trust building with your hands
  14. Teach your horse to lead and build confidence with flag and bull whip
  15. Teach the horse to move different body parts using human body language

Reserve your seat by May 15th and you will receive a FREE signed copy of Russ Krachun s new book “Discover Philosophy & Methodology in the round Pen” with over 140 pages and 39 illustrations – In this book Russ Krachun shares personal life stories and his own ideas that have contributed to the development of his Kozak Horsemanship; also step by step easy methods of working in the round pen; a list of goals for each step and a list of problems that each step will help solve and also prevent when working with your horse.

This book is an inspirational guide to TRUE HORSEMANSHIP and working in the round pen!


May 28 - 29 2016


10:00 am - 4:00 am