Does your horse jump out of his skin when he hears a loud noise and runs away uncontrollably?
Does your horse allow you to touch him all over his body and remain calm?
Is your horse afraid of objects that move around or that are moving towards him?
Do you feel safe while riding your horse along the road or out on the trail?
Do you avoid riding when it is windy or afraid that your horse may spook at something?


What you will learn

  1. how to develop trust between both horse and human by educating the horse to accept the humans touch in any body part of the horse body
  2. learn how to educate the horse to stay still and control his emotions and control fear, with moving obstacles that are moving towards him
  3. learn how to educate the horse to control fear and control emotions when we are asking him to pass by different obstacles
  4. learn methods and philosophy in how to educate the horse to stay still and control his emotions and control his fear by using different obstacles, moving obstacles, loud sounds and obstacles that make loud sounds.

Saturday June 25th/2016 – Demonstration Clinic – Learn the methods

Russ will demonstrate and share his philosophy & methods used to develop confidence, control fear and also control emotions in the horse and help you to prepare your horse to become a confident and trusting partner.

Sunday June 26th/2016 – Participation Clinic – Bring your horse and participate with Russ

Russ invites you to bring your horse and work with him using the steps that you have learned and experience the development of your horses confidence. Please book early- limited space of 10 horses and participants. Your fee includes a free Kozak Horsemanship halter, and Kozak Horsemanship tool and flag. Once registered for this clinic you will receive registration information and liability waiver required for your participation. Please also provide proof of your liability insurance coverage for your horse.

(seating and participation is limited) Reserve your seat by June 15st and you will receive a FREE signed copy of Russ Krachun s new book “Discover Horsemanship Philosophy & Methodology in the Round Pen” with over 140 pages and 39 illustrations- In this book, you will read about Russ Krachun s personal life stories where he shares his own ideas that have contributed to the development of his own Kozak Horsemanship; also step by step easy methods of working in the round pen; a list of goals for each step and a list of problems that each step will help solve and also prevent when working with your horse.

This book is an inspirational guide to TRUE HORSEMANSHIP and working in the round pen!


Jun 25 - 26 2016


10:00 am - 4:00 am