2018 True Grit Educational Tour



Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship

Learn the meaning of True Horsemanship!

Kozak Horsemanship is a revolutionary equine educational program using common sense philosophy and innovative methodology for both horse and human.

Russ Krachun is known as a “True Grit” horseman, by demonstrating his passion, dedication and innovative ideas to the equine industry throughout clinics, events, seminars and “True Grit” tours.

The “True Grit” tour involves a unique human to human interactive education that leads and connects to the Foundation, Intercommunication and Evolution programs.

Custom signature equipment designed for comfort and success connects directly to the methodology of each educational program.

Enjoy many benefits of the “True Grit” Membership including on-line education and exclusive promotions.

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Intercommunication Program
Intercommunication Program

As a horseman or a teacher, If we were to begin by educating our horses right away in a bridle, or in a halter, …

Evolution Program
Evolution Program

The Evolution program follows the foundation and intercommunication programs and will lead you to …

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