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Throughout the years, I discovered my own horsemanship education by using philosophy and methodology that make sense to both the horse and the human. My methods involve building muscle memory and improving both mental and physical abilities of the horse.  I have found that these methods work for any discipline, any breed of the horse and any level of the horseman.

The meaning of “True Grit” is to stick to your goals no matter how hard or how many problems or setbacks that you may face. It is through my own dedication and hard work that I have become successful in creating the programs that are involved within the “True Grit” Academy.

The “True Grit” Academy involves three complete horsemanship programs, the “Foundation”, “Intercommunication” and “Evolution”.  Students of the “True Grit Academy” learn the philosophy and the methodology of each program and also learn how they may apply the same methods to more advanced levels within their horsemanship.

Custom signature equipment, designed by Russ Krachun is used to connect the methodology used in each of the “True Grit” educational programs in order to communicate clear and concise communication to the horse.

The “True Grit” Academy involves working directly with each participant in a human to human interactive program where the student learns how to improve their coordination and reactive responses, they learn to actively think and improve their own mental and physical abilities. These students learn to work in a team environment by working together to improve horsemanship skills and reach their goals. This human to human interactive program aids in preparing each student to communicate with their horses and also enables them to better communicate and work together as humans.

Students not only work with their own horses, but also with other horses to experience different personalities.  They learn that by following the methodology that the results are the same and they will learn to become more experienced horsemen and horsewomen.

The three equine educational programs in the Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship True Grit Academy are designed to connect to the next one in sequence using Kozak horsemanship philosophy and methodology.

The “Foundation” program is where the real magic begins.

Level One – “Discover Horsemanship Philosophy & Methodology in the Round Pen” by Russ Krachun.

The horse and the human ultimately learn to communicate with each other through trust, confidence and mutual understanding by using step by step methodology.

Level Two – “In-Hand Communication”

The horseman learns to use consistent body language and consistent voice cues; also the horse learns to respond to the horseman by learning through consistency. The “In-hand communication” program develops coordination, balance and improves physical and mental abilities in both the horse and the horseman.

Level Three – “Develop Confidence, Trust and Solid Minds”

The horseman develops confidence in the horse by educating the horse to control emotions and fear, also by using this same methodology the horseman also learns to control his own emotions and his fear while educating the horse.

The meaning of the word intercommunication is the action of engaging in two-way communication.

Level One – “Innovative Bridle Work Methodology”

The horseman will begin by learning and understanding innovative bridle work methodology.

The horseman will then educate the horse innovative bridle work methodology. This methodology will educate and prepare both the horse and the horseman for complete understanding in the future with riding methodology.

Level Two – “Round Pen Riding Methodology”

In “Round Pen Methodology” the horse and the horseman learn the foundation of the riding methodology in order to further develop the two-way communication and also develop confidence between both the horse and the horseman while under saddle. This methodology will help to develop muscle memory and improve the horse’s physical abilities and the horseman’s riding skills.

Level Three – “Foundation Guiding Methodology”

The horseman and the horse will learn foundation guiding methodology

Level Four – “Confidence on the Trail”

In this level all of the previous education and methodologies will be used from both the “Foundation” and the “Intercommunication” programs and are combined to develop confidence in both the horse and the horseman while on the trail both independently and also while riding in groups.

This program connects all of the methodology previously educated from the “Foundation” program together with the “Intercommunication” program under saddle. The education in the “Evolution” program results in confident, willing and resistant free communication between the horse and the horseman while under saddle.

Students will learn riding methodology including the proper use of timing, repetition, increasing timing in each repetition and the use of timing for relaxation between each method. The student will educate the horse to become balanced, improve coordination and develop muscle memory in each method and also improve and develop the horse’s mental and physical abilities.

Level One –

Muscle Memory and Softness in the Neck and Poll

Muscle Memory, Coordination and Balance in the Hind Quarters

Muscle Memory, Coordination and Balance in the Shoulders

Muscle Memory, Coordination and Balance in the Rib Cage

Level Two – Coordination and Balance in both Horse and Rider at Various Gaits

Level Three – Lead Coordination and Balance at Various Speeds

Level Four – Guiding Methodology

Level Five – Stop and Back-Up Methodology

Level Six – Speed Control Methodology

Level Seven – Side Pass Methodology

Level Eight – Lead and Lead Changes Methodology

Level Nine – Pirouette Methodology

Learn Kozak Horsemanship philosophy and methodology and you will also learn the meaning of “True Horsemanship” within the “True Grit” equine Academy. Be true to your heart and become knowledgeable horsemen and horsewomen and you will be rewarded with willing responses, mutual understanding and lasting trusting partnerships with your horses.

By joining the True Grit Membership, you will enjoy additional equine educational benefits with special offers and savings on equipment, tours,
clinics and events.

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