What is Wrong & What is Right?

What is Wrong & What is Right?
April 6, 2016 Russ Krachun
In Health

I am Russ Krachun, and I would like to share with you my thoughts about what is wrong and what is right when we start our communication with a two year old horse either on the ground or in the saddle. As a horseman, I believe that it is a real dilemma across the whole world. There are so many different opinions in the whole horse industry about this question; is it wrong or is it right to start a horse as a two year old. You may ask why I would like to talk about this and what is the reason for this conversation. First of all, I would like to be honest with you and tell you that I have started two year old colts, and I also believe that this was my mistake. I have learned that I also learn by making my own mistakes. This is the reason that I would like to share these stories so that we do not make these same mistakes again and how important it is to care and protect our young generations of colts. These colts can be grown wrong or started wrong not just in their physical abilities, but also in their minds. Let’s make them strong, healthy, and steady in their mind and these horses will be partners for a long and strong relationship.

In our history, it was the Spanish, who first brought horses into North America. The natives of North America had never seen a horse before, and when they did they first called the horse a big dog. These natives right away with their keen eye and mind thought to use the horse for transportation. Each group of natives started the horse in many different ways. Horses were also started by many different cultures in different countries at different ages and in different ways. This goes back many decades ago. We have learned from our fathers, and our fathers have learned from their fathers, and so on. We do not know exactly how it was before, because we do not have photographs or video to refer back to in history as records, we can only imagine how it was before. Even up to today, many have made mistakes when starting to communicate with new young colts, and also with older horses.

Many use sticks, whips, ropes, and tie the horse to a fence to saddle for the first time. Some even hobble the horse to break them, or flip the horse over to take their spirit away, or use the whip to respect their space. It continues with tying the horses head to the tail or saddle to teach the horse to give to the pressure, yelling and hitting the horse when they get frustrated and still cannot succeed, and more and more. So, why can we not simply go back and try to understand them, learn about them, let’ s get educated and then try to start to communicate at the same level. Let’s first give them love, care and respect and then after teach them to give us the same back with love, care and respect. In my opinion it is wrong to start a colt as a two year old in many ways. I believe that in each moment and in each second we are improving the relationship between the horse and the human. I will share with you my thoughts in what is wrong and what is right when we start a two year old in the next article.