Horses of Kozak Horsemanship

Hello my friends, I am very happy to introduce you to the horses of Kozak Horsemanship. It is very important to me that my horsemanship breeding program, not only include great pedigrees but also that these horses have intelligent trainable minds and have athletic abilities that make them versatile for many disciplines. My goal is to produce horses that are prepared with a confident and reliable foundation to preform to the best of their ability and also to be safe and enjoyable for my clients.

Not every horse can be a performance horse, but in my opinion every horse has potential to become great partners by becoming safe, confident and by improving their athletic abilities. I am very proud to produce and offer for sale quality affordable horses. With each horse that you purchase, you can feel confident that the time has been spent educating each horse with the methodology used in my Kozak Horsemanship to ensure a safe and trusting relationship.

A selection of my Kozak Horsemanship signature tack collection will also be included with each purchase.