Horseman’s Philosophy 2

Horseman’s Philosophy 2
March 17, 2016 Russ Krachun
In Communication

Hello my Kozak Horsemanship followers, and my blog readers. Let’s come back to our previous conversation about my horseman’s philosophy in this next volume # 2.

As I have shared with you in my last blog; the knowledge of my basic horsemanship was taught to me by my Uncle Colin in the Ukraine. I knew in my heart that I wanted to know much more about the horse, even at that time. I wanted to have a complete understanding and most importantly wanted to reach a mutual understanding without using sticks, or whips, or throwing a lasso or using other tools. I now realize what I actually wanted and the goal that I wanted to reach was to create the ultimate relationship with the horse through my own horsemanship.

I have read many books and tried many different techniques and methods that were already created, but never found the answers that I was looking for. It was then that I decided for myself to create and design my own horsemanship with my own brand and my own name. I would like to explain to you how I decided to create my logo and my brand. My logo reflects my background with the two swords; it shares my history of competing professionally in the sport of fencing, and also shares my Ukrainian heritage of the Cossacks who were amazing horsemen and fighters. So, it is for these reasons, I have decided to call my horsemanship “Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship”.

I also noticed that the horse industry used the term NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP with many horsemen that were recognised as NATURAL HORSEMEN. I started to ask myself, what is NATURAL about what we are doing with our horses? Is it natural to feed them grain, or lock them up in a stall, or put on a halter, bridle or saddle our horses? Is it natural to clean their feet, trim or put shoes on them? Is it natural to groom them, trim their mane or tail, or deworm, or to ride the horse? Is it natural for us to domesticate the horse, teach them to be obedient and use tools to succeed in NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP? To me, I believe that all of this is not natural for the horse. What I do believe, is that we can have a normal healthy relationship between the horse and the human. When I created my own horsemanship, it was very important for me to share my own ideas and my own methods without using rules and harsh tools in order for people to have success with their horses.

It is my belief that HORSEMANSHIP is the foundation of any equine discipline, such as in Western discipline or English discipline, and it is HORSEMANSHIP what we are missing in any and all disciplines. People have separated horses in disciplines creating issues by judging and hating each other, but the truth is by creating disciplines, we have forgotten about the horse. I believe that a horse is a horse, and the horse does not care what discipline that we are riding or what style of tack that we are using or even what style of clothing we are wearing. The horse cares for a relationship of understanding, love, care and respect. I believe this to be the finished foundation between the horse and the human and to me this foundation is called HORSEMANSHIP.

We can reach our goals and our dreams in any discipline either Western or English or simply trail riding or enjoying our horses in our own back yard. I created my own foundation of my Kozak Horsemanship with my creation of Discover “20 Steps in the Round Pen”. I cannot wait to continue to share more of my thoughts of my Horseman’s Philosophy in my next Blog in Volume # 3, until then my friends.