Horseman’s Philosophy 1

Horseman’s Philosophy 1
March 19, 2016 Russ Krachun
In Communication

Hello my friends, I am Russ Krachun. I am very pleased and proud to share with you why I have decided to create my own Kozak Horsemanship and I would also like to explain what makes me different from other horsemen and also as a person. I would like to start our communication by sharing ideas and life stories between ourselves and our horses and with this communication, we can learn together to become better horsemen and better humans.

As many of you may already know from my biography, I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Odessa, in the Ukraine. This city is very famous for the historic architecture, museums, music, humoristic nature, as well as history at war. Many famous musicians, book authors, and war hero’s came from this city. My parents educated me about my city and I also observed all of its amazing folklore. All of this background and history has helped me to become who I am today. I believe, it is because of my background that I may write and share my stories in more detail and that I am more particular in all of my work such as in my Video E-Book of Discover 20 Steps in the Round Pen and in my Kozak Horsemanship. As I grew up, I listened to my parents, I went to school every day, and I competed in the professional sport of fencing. One thing that I did not enjoy was reading books when I was young; it was a real torture for me to read. I do regret this now, but all I wanted to think about as a young boy was horses and cowboys. I wanted to pretend I was a cowboy and play with horses. My parents noticed this passion of mine with horses, and my mother introduced me to her brother, my Uncle Collin who was a forest ranger in the Ukraine. My uncle Collin taught me basic horsemanship, and gave me all of the knowledge that he knew. But in my heart that was not enough for me, I wanted to learn more.

In this passion of mine, I am still learning and will continue to learn about the horse’s mind, their body, their personalities, and all of their instincts. I believe that horses are like we are, that they also have good and bad days, and that they have different hearts, souls and personalities. I do not believe that because of a different color or a different body shape make them who they are. It is each horse’s breed, conformation, physical ability, their mind, heart, and soul that make them who they are. To understand this beautiful and magnificent animal, it is up to us as a human to continue learning day by day and year after year. I remember all of the fun as a child with playing cowboy and Kozak horse games, but as I grew older, my mind grew up, my heart grew up, my dreams grew up and I became a horseman. I decided to create my own Kozak Horsemanship so that I can share my ideas with the whole world so that I can help horses and people to understand each other better. I will continue sharing this conversation with you in my next article in horseman’s philosophy volume # 2.